Monday, May 11, 2009

Recent Baking

Some recent baking I've done! I made these delicious Cinnamon Rolls for my mother as part of a Mother's Day Brunch I prepared for her. They were pretty straightforward, so I won't be including the steps to make them. The unique step to these is that the dough does it's second rising in the refrigerator overnight.

I also made up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I was testing a few recipes over the weekend trying to find just that "right one" and after tweeking a couple recipes here and there, I've come up with my own delicious chocolate chip cookie! They bake up a bit thicker than a normal cookie and are soft and moist, and they stay soft and moist! I even got compliments from people who don't even like chocolate chip cookies! I just may start selling these by the dozen! Anyone insterested in placing an order, feel free to contact me!

Strawberry Torte

Out of all the baking I've done, one thing I've never attemped was a (jelly) rolled type cake. Since I picked up some wonderful strawberries from the farmers market, and finding this recipe online, I thought, why not?
As intimidating as it seemed to me, it was actually quite easy. Get the recipe here, Strawberry Torte, and give it a shot yourself! This is a great spring or summer "outside" dessert!

This "cake" part of the recipe consists of seperated eggs, sugar, cake flour, baking powder and vanilla. The filling & icing consists of freshly whipped cream, a little confectioners sugar, fresh strawberries and vanilla.

Start out by whipping the egg yolks & sugar until pale!

Then add the cake flour, baking powder and vanilla.

Now start beating the egg whites! This is always fun!

Beat the egg whites until they're stiff!

Gently fold the egg whites into the flour mixture.

Until it's completely incorporated.

Pour the batter into the prepared sheet pan, making sure it is evenly distributed! Get this into the preheated oven!

While the cake is baking, lay out a CLEAN cotton towel and generously dust it with confectioners sugar.

The cake should take about 20 minutes to bake and is done when it springs back when touched in the center.

Flip the cake (carefully) onto the towel. Now this can be tricky and you have to work fast! It may be a bit messy too. Remove the sheet pan and peel off the parchment paper from the cake. Using the towel, begin to roll up the cake, with the towel.

Let the cake cool completely.
While the cake is cooling, begin whipping the cream with a little confectioners sugar and vanilla until soft peaks form. Set half the whipped cream aside.

To the other half of the cream, fold in your sliced strawberries. This, alone, looked good enough to eat on its own!

Unroll the cake and evenly spread with the strawberry-whipped cream mixture. Re-roll the cake, without the towel.

Transfer to a serving platter and "ice" the top and sides with the reserved whipped cream.

Garnish with some whole strawberries and serve! Delicious and surprisingly light tasting!

Iron Chef Michael Symon in Detroit!

Recently, Detroit's Eastern Market kicked off their "Taste Of Eastern Market" series of cooking demonstrations. Their first demo, on May 2, 2009, featured Food Network Star, Iron Chef & Restaurateur Michael Symon.

Chef Symon recently opened a new restaurant, called "
Roast", in the historic Book- Cadillac Hotel in Downtown Detroit. Once known as the crown jewel of Detroit hotels, the 85 year old hotel received a multi-million dollar restoration after being shuttered and left to rot for over 20 years. It is now known as "The Westin Book-Cadillac Hotel".

His demo emphasized on cooking with the bounty of fresh vegetables that are around in the early Spring. I arrived bright and early (at 7 am) to catch the 9 am cooking demo and to secure a good viewing spot, right up front.

Here, Chef Symon is making sure everything is set up to his liking in the demo-kitchen.

Chef Symon is getting all his ingredients together.

Just about ready to begin here!

Chef Symon explaining the importance of seasoning meats BEFORE cooking & not to be afraid of salt!

Chef Symon taking time to answer questions from people in the crowd.

Here, Chef Symon makes a vinaigrette for the Spring Vegetable Salad.

Some final seasoning.

Plating up this quick and simple dish.

Answering some more culinary questions from an audience member.

Grilled Lamb T-bones with Spring Vegetable Salad! This recipe will be available in Chef Symon's forthcoming cookbook, "Live To Cook: Recipes and Techniques to Rock Your Kitchen", due out November 3, 2009.

Of course, Chef Symon was kind enough to pose for photographs with his adoring fans! I am never comfortable with taking photo's for any reason!

You can also check out Chef Symon's blog, Symon Says.

New postings coming soon!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the delay in postings. I know, I know, I haven't worked in 2 months, I should be posting everyday! Well, I have to be in the mood to post plus I've been rummaging through my basement going through everything, sorting out what to sell on eBay and what to sell in garage sales! So much stuff, I really need to get rid of.
I'm off to blog now! LOL!

Be well!