Friday, October 2, 2009

Cakes Of All Kinds!!

Recently, I've been making cakes and enjoying every minute of it! I wanted to share a sampling of the cakes I've made over the past few weeks.

On my recent trip to the Apple Orchard, we picked a few pints of raspberries! With those, I made a wonderful Raspberry Buckle! Not really a cake, this was very "cake-like", and chock full of plump raspberries, bursting throughout!!

The next cake was this amazing fragrant Lemon Cake! This cake was featured on The Martha Stewart Show, baked by Martha and Master-Baker John Barricelli.

The link provides the basic recipe for this cake, along with links to the icing, and easy Lemon Curd (the best part of the cake!), and be sure to follow the instructions in the introduction as well!

This last picture is a cake I was commissioned to make for the daughter of my sister's friend. It was a Sweet 16 birthday cake! This was a 2 tier cake, 12" chocolate bottom tier & 8" yellow top, covered in white fondant. The whimsical polka-dots and stripes are "edible images" that are available from "Lucks Cake Decorating Supplies",(Oops, didn't think to hide the seam before taking the photo!). The cake was finished with buttercream icing borders, and topped with a gorgeous spray of gum paste lillies!

The cake was a hit with the birthday girl and everyone else at the party!


  1. With the hours you keep, I find it amazing you have time to bake! Beautiful cakes! I'll have to try the lemon cake... lemon anything is a favorite of mine!

  2. I have made that Raspberry Buckle many times and everyone loves it. I really like that it is SO easy to make, but has such wonderful results.

    I saw John on the show the other day and thought that I just have to make this cake. Yours turned out wonderful! - it is a perfect birthday cake. I haven't made my own lemon curd yet, but am anxious to try this easy recipe that John B. mentioned.

  3. Kenn - I bake on my days off and the days I have to work a closing shift, I have pretty much the entire day free. Like Martha, I generally require very little sleep! Make this Lemon cake, you won't be disappointed!

    Elaine - Lemon curd can sometimes be a challange, but this new recipe John came up with is quite simple and very addicting! You'll be tempted to eat it straight with a spoon!